What to Expect … Before, During and After a Home Inspection

I am often asked how long will a Home Inspection take? I have to smile as I give my answer… It all depends… Normal Inspection 2- 3 hours but if there are many issues, and/or buyers are inquisitive and ask many questions 4hours or more is not uncommon…

Personally, I only schedule two Inspections per day and try to have a space between my appointments, just in case… (many times, especially with 1st time home buyers, there is a need for questions and clarifications, AFTER the actual Inspection. This, is usually where the infamous question, “Would you buy this house?” is asked.  It is also the time where most inspectors explain about: significant and Insignificant issues. (Be aware! There is no such thing as a Perfect House! Every house is changing daily. It is aging, being bombarded, inside and out… Parts of the house are wearing as the surroundings shift… Inspectors only get an opportunity to see this interaction and/or the results, within a very narrow window… Yet, the inspector has to make an evaluation and provide the recommendations… Definitely worth those few hours…  Some Inspectors deliver their findings Onsite but most review their photos and notes then create the final report and deliver the doc within 24-48 hours.

You now will have the opportunity to share the Report with your attorney, family, friends and other experts. Some of you will choose to share with the Realtors. The REPORT and all its contents are yours! You can do what you will. The Inspector is bound by confidentiality, and cannot divulge the results to anyone without your permission.

Your Report should provide you with sufficient materials and data for you to make an informed decision. You, will ultimately need to decide whether your dream house/purchase is in fact “right for you”… The Report and your attorney can protect you as you move forward.  It is highly recommended you read the full report. Many sections may appear to be unimportant but will in fact clarify some apparent insignificant issues. Some of these issues may in fact be significant to you and your family because of health issues unknown by the inspector. Some issues, which are normally not issues, but may harm some family member do to allergies etc. Read the full Report and contact the inspector for any clarification.

Inspectors, like your attorney, are there for your benefit. Do not hesitate to use them. Their experience and detail can prove priceless. Licensed and Certified Inspectors have rigid ongoing training and educational requirements. Use these experts, let them help you… Good hunting!

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