Final walk-thrus … Walk the walk!

One of the biggest mistakes many buyers make is NOT TO CHECK their dream house BEFORE closing! What a great opportunity to view the “naked” house and see any/all hidden secrets. Someone said that this tour should be performed in the company of the Seller. This will alow you to ask questions, (Definitely recommended to have a list of prepared questions including settings for HVAC, garbage pick-ups etc. It is highly recommended that someone focus solely on this check/walk-thru . (Yes, measuring and future furniture placement, coloration, blinds, drapes etc. are important BUT…once the property is yours, guess who pays for any issues??? After closing it is usually too late for any recourse!)

The following items should be tested: (Minimal listing- You may decide on more…)

  • Try every light fixture and switch. (if unknown function- ask seller!)
  • Let water run, look under sinks for leaks, flush toilets, test Jacuzzi.
  • Put all appliances thru full cycle!
  • Open and close all doors and test garage door openers
  • Inspect ceilings, wall and floors (Check the attic and crawlspace for changes, etc.)
  • Run garbage disposal and exhaust fans
  • Test heating and air conditioning
  • Open and close ALL windows
  • Make sure all debris is removed from in/out of the home and walk around the property

Many buyers, try to perform these Walk-thrus themselves but find they can get easily side-tracked. Home Inspectors can perform these reviews while you do your thing. Many Inspectors will even offer a discount if arranged at the Initial Inspection. Sometimes it may even be advisable to hire a different inspector to obtain a different view. The key point is DO NOT PASS UP the opportunity to make that LAST check before the house becomes your Castle. Do THAT WALK‼

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