Is your house sick?

We all go to our doctor regularly, especially as we get older… but do we ever have a doctor check our house?

No, I’m not a doctor but I am a Home Inspector and I am amazed at how many sick houses there are… Most of us have no idea what’s happening in our attics, crawlspaces, electric panels and many other important areas. Many of these areas may need to be tweaked before they create some real problems…

Many Home Inspectors can perform Energy Audits to help you save money, but all of them can help you learn more about what is happening in your house. Yes, they can probably answer many of those questions, which may have perplexed you for years and they may even prevent a disaster before it happens…

I have found many issues, in some exceptionally well kept homes, and which the homeowners had no clue even existed. On more than one occasion, the issue could have killed someone. Sometimes my reviews prevented extensive property damage and sickness.

Houses are mysteries and wonderful but they need to be maintained, just like the human body… A check-up now and again can help your homes last for many years while providing security and growth. All the house needs is the proper maintenance and maybe a little TLC by having a visit from your friendly H.I.


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