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Ningbo Fenghua a project delivery

Ningbo Fenghua a project delivery

June 9 Ningbo Fenghua crushing unit shipments

Continuous learning, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, I believe that every pay is paid.

Liyang Qifa Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Liyang, Jiangsu Province, which specializes in the design, production, installation, commissioning and sales of complete sets of feed machinery and biomass granule machinery. The company has large-scale finishing workshop, assembly workshop, equipped with a large bending equipment, CNC lathes, CNC wire cutting, CNC laser cutting, and other large-scale mechanical processing equipment. We have a professional technology combined with the local situation of customers, customers design and installation of 1-10 tons of various biomass particles into the molding equipment. The company will be adhering to the "honest to win the trust of the quality to win" business philosophy to winning the technology, excellent quality, quality service, focus on biomass particles forming sets of equipment development and innovation.

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