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[Biomass granulator] clean heating market new favorite | biomass molding fuel policy situation to the good

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[Biomass pellet machine] clean heating market new favorite | <Biomass molding fuel policy situation to the good>

The "identity" of biomass-forming fuels has been controversial, and because biomass-forming fuels face different policies in different regions, encouraging and lacking a unified caliber at the national level makes biomass-fueled The

The biggest crisis in biomass-forming fuels was that a few months ago, the environmental protection department's paper "Highly Polluted Fuel Catalog (Second Draft)" included biomass-based fuels in the list of controlled fuels, and the companies concerned were at a loss. Experts and scholars jointly issued a letter to the relevant departments, called on biomass can not be molded "one size fits all".

In the face of social challenges and reality, multi-party calls for the introduction of biomass control fuel policy at the national level. Finally, on December 5, 2016, the National Energy Board released the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Biomass Energy Development". The plan pointed out that actively promoting the application of biomass-forming fuels in commercial facilities and residential heating, with resources and markets Conditions, especially in the air pollution situation is grim, out of the coal-fired boiler task heavier Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei-Shandong, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Northeast and other regions, as well as scattered coal consumption in rural areas, to speed up the promotion of biomass Fuel boiler heating, for the village industrial park and public and commercial facilities to provide renewable clean heat.

In the planning focus on mentioning biomass alternative fuels instead of coal, and clear specific replacement targets. In 2020, the annual utilization rate of biomass control fuels reached 30 million tons, replacing the net consumption of 15 million tons of coal, which is the direction of the development of biomass fuel industry, but also for the increasingly serious rural coal pollution control provided an effective The solution.

The National Energy Board's "13th Five-Year Plan" is a programmatic document for the development of biomass-based fuels, removing obstacles to the development of biomass-forming fuels. Two months ago, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the "high-polluting fuel catalog" in the biomass control fuel removal control fuel list, successful cap. Biomass-forming fuels have been successfully removed from Class I and Division II, even in the most stringent category III, and only for their burning methods. For non-dedicated boilers or special boilers that are not equipped with high efficiency dust removal facilities Fueled biomass control fuel.

For the development of biomass molding fuel, China Rural Energy Industry Association, chairman of the special committee of energy-saving stove Hao Fangzhou said that from a global perspective, the mainstream of new energy is biomass energy, especially in Europe, biomass energy in the new energy The proportion of more than 60%, far more than wind solar energy. For China's clean heating process, should adhere to the "do not see the fuel to see emissions" concept, that is, "the fuel line emissions of a needle," the government should let go of fuel control, whether it is coal or biomass molding fuel as long as the emissions On the good off on the line.

May 22 Ministry of Finance, housing, urban and rural construction, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the State Energy Bureau jointly issued a notice, the central government to support tens of billions of funds in the northern region of winter clean heating pilot work. The notice pointed out that to speed up the transformation of the heat source, focusing on solving the problem of coal burning, in accordance with the "focus on scattered as the main supplement," "should be gas should be electricity is the principle of electricity," to promote coal-fired heating facilities, , Gas boilers, electric boilers, decentralized electric (gas) and other heating, according to local conditions to promote geothermal energy, air heat, solar energy, biomass and other renewable energy distributed, more complementary applications of the new heating mode.

The multi-energy complementary heating model mentioned in the notice, biomass energy impressively in the column. It is foreseeable that the future of the local application for demonstration pilot for financial support, biomass heating or will usher in an outbreak period. China's rich biomass resources, especially in the vast rural areas have a large number of crop stalks, fuelwood and other biomass resources, production and development and utilization of great potential.

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