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[Chips machine] "second agriculture", will become our country green new industry

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[Chips machine] "second agriculture", will become our country green new industry

In the recent China Biomass Energy Forum, a well-known professor from three aspects to introduce the development of biomass energy industry, the status quo and the future development trend: First, our national bio-energy how to change the biomass in the leadership and public eye The second is the biomass energy industry is the "second agriculture", will become our country green new industry.

Biomass energy from scratch to small to large.

Biomass direct-fired power generation has become a climate, the proportion of Internet access gradually increased, the state subsidies are high, the biomass energy industry from scratch to large, the future development of the space is very broad. National leaders on the development of biomass energy industry gradually attached great importance to the "13th Five-Year Plan" has made it clear that by 2020 the basic realization of commercialization and large-scale use of biomass. The annual utilization of biomass is about 58 million tons of standard coal.

The industry generally believe that China's energy structure and development environment, China's long-term prospects for long-term development of biomass energy, the introduction of planning will accelerate the development of China's biomass industry.

Biomass thermochemical reaction to solve the shortage of raw materials in the biomass industry

On the new energy reform countries frequently favorable policies, and from the economy to give strong support for how new energy can get the national government's high recognition and support, on biomass energy, can not light the theory of biological, to clear the feasibility of transformation Pathways, biomass thermochemistry as a viable transformation path, not only to solve the problem of cellulose ethanol itself, but for the entire biomass industry has brought a revolution in raw materials, biomass energy industry sooner or later into a climate.

The greatest contribution of biomass thermochemistry is to completely subvert the raw material concept of biomass energy, the previous raw materials are limited, but through the biomass thermochemistry to expand the scope of raw materials, from paper waste to straw, from the waste of wood To the garbage, and even to the energy shrub grass. There will be no more misunderstanding and bias in the future of biomass energy raw materials.

Part of the biomass energy companies through biomass thermochemical technology, made great achievements. For example, the German company Colin is the world's first to solve the problem of biomass into bio-fuel problems. And once established a factory but later abortion, the company is now taking over by a Chinese company, 10,000 tons of semi-industrial pipeline has been running for several years, the experimental stage, technology is gradually mature process.

It is understood that Jilin Songyuan is now corn stalks as raw materials, with an annual output of 200,000 tons of synthetic fuel, once the production will become the world's first production capacity of the largest thermochemical conversion of biosynthetic oil.

The biomass energy industry is "second agriculture"

Combined with the current development of the biomass energy industry and the future development of the industry space, the program professor of biomass energy is the "second agriculture" concept. The program professor has enhanced the understanding of the biomass energy industry by introducing the multiple functions of biomass energy.

"Second agriculture" refers to the use of agricultural residues / waste and the thermochemical transformation of wood fibers. Agriculture is not only the use of arable land to produce "main products": grain, cotton, oil, and thus the production of meat, eggs, ("First Agriculture"), including so-called residues and obsolescence, making full use of the marginal land that is not available or can not be used by traditional agriculture, but rather to make full use of traditional agriculture ("first agriculture"), Production of very substantial biomass raw materials for further production of bio-energy and biological materials used.

"Second agriculture" in addition to energy there are five functions, fully embodies the "green" features, they are: emissions of haze from the air pollutants; carbon dioxide as the representative of greenhouse gas emissions; reduce agricultural non-point source pollution (Mainly livestock and poultry manure and straw, other such as pesticides); support clean way heating; help farmers to increase employment income on the spot.

"Second agriculture" will be a strong impetus to the biomass industry eventually become a green emerging industries. For the biomass industry has brought unprecedented opportunities, it will be a strong impetus to the biomass industry eventually become a green emerging industries; in turn, the emerging breakthroughs in the biomass industry will be more abundant and enrich the "second agriculture" connotation The

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