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[Biomass pellet machine] really clean and reliable energy | coal and biomass molding fuel horizontal comparison

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[Biomass pellet machine] really clean and reliable energy | <coal and biomass molding fuel horizontal comparison>

   Made 1 degree average coal consumption 400 g coal;

        Electric coal heat 4800 kcal / kg;

        0.4x 4800 = 1920 kcal;

        And 1 kWh heat generated = 860 kcal

        This heating with 1 kWh = waste 1060 kcal coal calories.

        Coal power generation and electric heating, energy efficient utilization rate is only 44.8%

A lot of people, including experts and decision makers, argue that electricity is hot and efficient, just stays on the surface of the analysis, they only see 1 kWh heat generated by the use of 99%, but ignored the need for heating The energy of the fuel is used as an astonishing energy waste when heating.

        Again, is the low price of electricity storage, the surface is very economical, the user spent less money, but how to save energy?

        Analysis by the following together, even more amazing! 400 grams of coal heat 1,200 kcal issued by the degree of electricity only 860 kcal x99% = 851.4 kcal is stored, heat storage equipment is not 100% insulation, but 90%, then 851.4 x 90% = 766.26 Kcal heat in the non-valley price section to participate in heat conversion, we warm room temperature requirements of 20 ± 2 ℃, and to keep the temperature at room temperature, the temperature of the thermal medium at least twice as high, that is at least 40 ℃, Of the loss, the medium temperature must be maintained at 55 ℃, the electric storage medium can store the average temperature of 600 ℃, that is, the temperature of the heat storage medium is equal to the target temperature will not release heat, that is, only 545 ℃ at 600 ℃ , The utilization rate was 90.8%.

        And then back to 1 kWh of heat there are 766.26 kilograms of storage heat storage, and the utilization rate of 90.8%, so once only 766.26 X 90.8% = 695.8 actually converted to heat.

        400 grams of coal for heating, thermal efficiency of 75%, the effective use of heat: 0.4 x 4800 x 75% = 1440 kcal.

        Coal-fired heating, thermal efficiency = 1440 ÷ 1920 = 75%

        Heating with coal, thermal efficiency = 36.23%

        Coal heating, to coal furnace effect, the power plant to burn 73.77% of the coal!

        Here with "clean electricity" = burned "pollution of coal" ... ...

        The most important electricity is wind power, the other is not clean. Water and electricity damage ecological balance, can not be considered clean; solar energy is a clean energy, but the photovoltaic power storage by the storage battery can not be considered clean, because the battery material pollution is very serious.

        So what is really clean and reliable energy? The answer is only one: biomass molding fuel. First, it can be recycled inexhaustible inexhaustible; followed by zero carbon low sulfur and low nitrogen, even if some low dust emissions, plus bag filter than natural gas emissions cleaner, without bag dust, biomass dust is also large Particles, not a PM2.5.

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