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[Chips machine] the EU with 400 million euros to help Algeria renewable energy and other projects

Release date:2016-08-10 Author: Click:

Recently, Brussels and Algiers signed a series of projects to develop public finance modernization and renewable energy.

The European Union (EU) and Algeria signed a total of € 400 million in Brussels on 13 March 2017, aimed at developing the diversification of the Algerian economy and improving the development of the public finance and the development of renewable energy To the business environment.

100 million euros will be used in the finance department to install a complete financial information system, which will strengthen a variety of budgetary capabilities to improve budget management and transparency.

200 million euros for the consolidation of laws and regulations, began in 2005, and plans to create a free trade zone with the EU.

Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs RAMTANE LAMAMR and European Minister of Foreign Affairs FEDERICA MOGHERINI have signed a series of projects on free trade zones.

"Algeria is our key partner, and the signing of the project will help diversify the economy, increase jobs, develop renewable energy and modern public finance," said JOHANNES HAHN, a member of the European policy of neighboring countries. "Our aim is to help Algeria overcome its current The face of economic difficulties and the establishment of cooperative relations with European companies.

China-Africa Trade Research Center, in order to help Algeria's economic diversification, and build the EU and Algeria's good relations of cooperation, the recent EU and Algeria in Brussels signed a total of 400 million euros of the project, including public finance modernization projects, free trade zone Projects and renewable energy projects.

Source: China-Africa Trade Research Center

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